Western Legends Round-Up August 24-26, 2017 in Kanab, Utah

A Celebration of Film, Music, Poetry, and Western Heritage

Western Legends Round-Up

AUGUST 24TH-26TH, 2017

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The Bellamy Brothers

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I hope that everyone who hasn’t been to a Roundup will make plans to attend. Kanab has gone out of its way to provide the best entertainment around. So far I haven’t met a single person associated with the event, who isn’t the friendliest, courteous and truly committed to entertain guests. Job well done. Roger Ferguson

Western Legends Roundup 2016 Attendee

Western Legends Round-Up News

Come See the “A Tribute To Clint Walker” Quilt at Western Legends Round-Up

Western Legends Round-Up is happy to announce that the great raffle quilt of 2017 is ready! Last week, we spoke with Nayna Christensen, one of the chief organizers of the upcoming quilt show. To express our appreciation to the people whose hands have labored so...
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Quilt Show

Find out more about the Western Legends Round-Up Quilt Show

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Thanks to all our devoted fans who attended in 2016.

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