Welcome to the Western Legends Round-Up General Store! Pre-order Concert Tickets, Wagon Train Tickets, and Special Collectible and souvenir products, produced exclusively for Western Legends Round-Up. [Items ordered on our website will be included in your personalized “Swag Bag” that you will pick up during Western Legends Festival–at our WELCOME BOOTH at the Street Fair.]

Western Legends Round-Up Convenience Packages

Back by Popular Demand!! We have ‘bundled’ together our most popular Events, Tours, Concerts, and Activities.  

“Star Package” Bundle

Are your a true, died in the wool, Western Movie Fan?? This is the Package for you! It includes:
  • THURSDAY EVENING 5:30 pm: Dinner With the Stars
  • FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 9:30 and 12:30
    • All four Western Legends Film Festivals
  • FRIDAY OR SATURDAY 4:00 pm “Geronimo” Presentation
    • Choose which day
  • Saturday 9:00 pm The Barn Dance
  • Western Legends Commemorative Merchandise
    • 2018 20th Anniversary Pin
    • “The Whole Corral” collection of past Western Legends Pins (subject to availability}
    • Poster
    • $20 in “Buckaroo Tickets” (Which you can spend on any WLR Commemorative Merchandise you like at our booth
A $190 Value, for only $149. SAVE $41! And of course, you can add any of our other Events, Tours, Concerts and Merchandise to your schedule!

Western Legends Round-Up Collector items & Merchandise

This year we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Western Legends Roundup. We have commissioned several  special LIMITED EDITION  commemorative momentos & keepsakes.

Western Legends “Little Hollywood’s All-Star Round-up” 20th anniversary commemorative pin

Specially designed by Kanab’s greatest artists, our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Pin captures the heritage of Western Legends Roundup. The lone cowboy with his trusty steed, silhouetted on a bluff above Kanab. The sun setting over Kanab’s famous “K-Hill”. The Star representing the many movies filmed in our backyard. This LARGER 1-5/8″ Pin will stand out among the other pins on your shirt or cowboy hat!  Don’t be caught without one during the Festival, pardner!


[photo shown slightly larger than actual size, to show the stunning detail. Grab a ruler. It’s 1-5/8″ big. Figure it out.]

Previous years’ Collector Pins

During a recent flood of our luxurious Western Legends Office, we uncovered a stash of Previous Years’ commemorative pins. Don’t worry, their industrial strength poly bags protected them from the deluge. We want to offer them to our loyal WLR guests to complete your collection. Missing one? We may have it. Or not. WARNING: These photos/images are the original artists concept–they fall way short of representing the true beauty of these rare pieces. Each is 1-1/8″ in size, with stunning gold (cough) inlay and hand painted backgrounds (cough cough).
  • Available individually for only $2 bucks each (except for the extremely rare, much sought-after 1999 First Year pin)
  • Git ’em while they last, ’cause they ain’t makin’ ’em anymore
  • Can’t decide which ones you want? Heck, round up “The Whole Corral” and save!
  • Click image and add to your cart.