Rollie Stevens

“Trying to keep the roots alive, and me too.”

Photo of Country music singer and songwriter Rollie Stevens

Rollie Stevens—singer, songwriter and firefighter—writes Mainstream Country and sings about the West that he truly loves. As a youngster, growing up in the Arizona desert, he was greatly influenced by the songs of Marty Robbins, the king of western ballads. Even though Rollie has now developed his own smooth singing style, he is often compared to the legendary performer.

Rollie’s singing career began in 1996. “I would always sing around the fire station while cooking or cleaning. One night the firefighters talked me into entering a talent show at Graham Central
Station. I sang one of Marty’s songs, ‘El Paso,’ and was accused of lip-syncing.” It was then that that Rollie knew he needed to develop his own style. Even when Rollie sings “his own style”, there is still a hint of the great Marty Robbins in his lilting vocals. He doesn’t try to sound like Marty. He says, ”It just comes out that way”. He is proud of that distinction and pays tribute to Marty whenever he can in keeping his songs alive and singing fan favorite ‘Marty’ tunes. He performed “El Paso” for Marty Robbins’ induction into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in April 2005. Rollie described the event as “a humbling, great honor”.