Rollie Stevens

“Trying to keep the roots alive, and me too.”

Photo of Country music singer and songwriter Rollie Stevens

Rollie Stevens—singer, songwriter and firefighter—writes Mainstream Country and sings about the West that he truly loves. As a youngster, growing up in the Arizona desert, he was greatly influenced by the songs of Marty Robbins, the king of western ballads. Even though Rollie has now developed his own smooth singing style, he is often compared to the legendary performer.

Rollie’s singing career began in 1996. “I would always sing around the fire station while cooking or cleaning. One night the firefighters talked me into entering a talent show at Graham Central
Station. I sang one of Marty’s songs, ‘El Paso,’ and was accused of lip-syncing.” It was then that that Rollie knew he needed to develop his own style. Even when Rollie sings “his own style”, there is still a hint of the great Marty Robbins in his lilting vocals. He doesn’t try to sound like Marty. He says, ”It just comes out that way”. He is proud of that distinction and pays tribute to Marty whenever he can in keeping his songs alive and singing fan favorite ‘Marty’ tunes. He performed “El Paso” for Marty Robbins’ induction into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in April 2005. Rollie described the event as “a humbling, great honor”.

Rollie’s awards from the Arizona Country Music Association. He won the “Best New Male Vocalist” award and the “Songwriter of the Year” award for his song “Middle of a Heartache”, co-written by Rose Diehl. Rollie can impersonate almost any singer. Impersonation is a small part of all his shows. He is a true entertainer, all off-the-cuff. Depending on the audience he will do Engelbert, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Merle Haggard, Walter Brennen, George Strait, Lynn Anderson, and even Dolly Parton! And on and on. “You never know what’s coming out of me,” Rollie says, “because I don’t.” He never does the same show twice, rarely uses a set list, and will fluidly break into any song requested.

In recent years, Rollie has shared the stage with such major acts as Alan Jackson, Sawyer Brown, the late Chris LeDoux, Steve Holy, Emerson Drive, and Trick Pony. Rollie toured for 10 years with the late legend Lynn Anderson (Rose Garden) and Mentor Williams (Drift Away) has recorded in Nashville with Grady Walker, Duane Sciacqua, Jim Whitehead and Joe Hunter, Gary Buck, and Billy Williams. At festivals all over the country, wherever Rollie performs, he is always asked to come back for a return engagement.

He has developed a large following throughout the Southwest and across the country and internationally. The accolades keep rolling in for this gifted performer. Rollie won the DISCovery award from Music Row Magazine’s Robert K. Oreman. He is touring and doing shows of all original, modern, and traditional country, and, of course, western music. As Rollie puts it, “[I am] trying to keep the roots alive, and me too”.

Rollie is a BMI songwriter with over 76 in-catalog and 200+ songs to his credit. He has co-written with some of the top songwriters in Nashville, including Don Goodman (Angels Among Us), Royce Porter (Ocean Front Property), Anita Cox, Corey Baxter, and Pat McGrath. His latest session was recorded at Direct Image and also recorded at Makin’ Music, and at The Sound Kitchen. He’s working on new CDs with recorded duets from Lynn Anderson, Becky Hobbs, and Johnny Western. There’s more to come.

Rollie has recorded 10 albums of originals and some covers.

For further information, e-mail or call Rollie Stevens at (602) 487-0456.