Hollywood Heroes

Each year we round up artists who not only portray western legends on film but who are western legends themselves. Without these hard-working men and women our eyes never would have been opened to both the rugged and romantic side of the Wild West. The landscape of the West speaks to us, and these actors give it a voice. Something that sets our modern Legends apart from the characters they portray is that after the film director says “Cut!”, instead of riding off into the sunset, they continue to face the same challenges that many of us do. We are thrilled when they are able to return to Kanab’s Western Lengends Roundup! They loved making movies here in Southern Utah, and we love to see them.

[Sometimes conflicts in scheduling or personal matters prevent our ‘Legends’ from attending the Western Legends Roundup every year. Their love of Kanab and the love for their fans keeps them coming back to Utah as often as possible.]

Celebrity Star Autograph Signing

Your favorite Stars will be in the Western Legends Office/Kanab City Offices (Location #8)


Free entrance! 

Miss Michael Learned

The Waltons, Gunsmoke: The Last Apache, Roots: The Gift, A Father for Brittany, A Chirstmas without snow, Loggerhead

Martin Kove

The Karate Kid, Wyatt Earp, Lemon Drop, Rambo: Part II, Bare Nuckles, The Gambler V, Crocodile 2, Pitt Stop, Six Gun Savior, Hard Ground

Rudy Ramos

The acting career of Rudy Ramos has covered six decades and starting with an appearance on the television show, Ironside in 1969. Most Recently Mr. Ramos co-stars with Kevin Costner in the hit TV series “Yellowstone”.  

His other films include The High Chaparral, Helter Skelter (1976), The Enforcer (1976)

Be sure to catch Rudy’s memorable performance in “Geronimo: Life on the Reservation”. Performances FRIDAY AND SATURDAY

Rudy Ramos performs "Geronimo: Life on the Reservation"

Morgan Brittany

Dallas, Charlie’s Angels, Gypsy, Miss Congeniality, The Twilight Zone, The Son Also Rises, The Love Boat

Wilford brimley

Brimley is best known from films such as The Hotel New HampshireJohn Carpenter’s The ThingThe China SyndromeAbsence of MaliceThe NaturalCocoon and The Firm.  And of course the loveable grandpa on the Quaker Oats Commercials.

Wyatt McCrea

Author, Producer, and Grandson of Joel McCrea and Francis Dee

barry corbin

Lonesome Dove, Monte Walsh, JAG, The Magnificent Seven, Columbo, The Big Easy, Crossfire Trail, Walker, Texas Ranger, Dallas, Dukes of Hazzard

Cheryl Rogers Barnett

Author, and Daughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans


Joe “Hoppy” Sullivan

Joe “Hoppy” Sullivan is the “Official” Hopalong Cassidy “Look-a-Like” authorized by U.S. Television Office.

Mark Staggs

“Festus” look-alike from Gunsmoke

Rob Doudell

“Gabby Hayes” look-alike, King of the Sidekicks “Yur durn tootin’!”