The Quilt Show at Western Legends Round-Up

In the Wild West there were guns, horses, cattle, and cowboys. But while those brave men were out riding the range and bringing in the herd, back in every home were the strong and courageous women who kept the home fires burning and protected their families.

They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman. That was never truer than in the days that the American West was being settled. Those hard-working women made everything their families needed to be happy and healthy. To mention just a few things, they made preserves, butter, soap, cheese, and quilts. Quilts made a house feel like a home and provided life saving warmth throughout long cold winters. These industrious women made quilts out of whatever fabric was available them, sometimes even old dresses.

To celebrate and preserve this treasured part of our Western heritage, the Western Legends Round-Up is pleased to host the Western Legends Round-Up Quilt Show.

The Western Legends Round-Up Quilt Show is open to all and is free of any admission price. It is one of the best quilt shows in Southern Utah. Kanab is proud to be the home of two quilt guilds: the Raising Kane Quilt Guild and Canyon Country Quilt Guild. Both are made up of hard working women who make the quilts in the tradition of those that came before them. In addition to these two quilt guilds, many local women also contribute quilts to the show.

The Quilt Show in 2016 was held in the gymnasium of the Old Middle School, across the street from Parry Lodge. Doors. Many guests enjoyed the quieter, softer side of Western Legends and participated in the tribute to the hard-working women of today and those of a past generation.

A Tribute to Clint Walker Quilt
Closeup of the Tribute to Clint Walker Quilt