Wagon Train “Choose Your Adventure”

Choose between a single day excursion or an entire week of the most incredible and exciting Wagon Train adventure you’ll ever experience!

The highlight of this year’s Western Legends Round-Up will be an authentic week-long Wagon Train Trek through some of the most beautiful backcountry in America! The trek, August 21st-26th, 2017, will be four days “on the trail” and two days in the Kanab Encampment. Join us for an unforgettable adventure through 60-miles of some of the most iconic Western scenery anywhere: directly below the rim of Bryce Canyon and across the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument!


Typical back-country road on the “Staircase”

Southern Utah is a formidable frontier of wilderness, desert basins, Redrock canyons, and high snowy peaks. The 2 million acres known as the Grand Staircase-Escalante is most rugged and memorable! Designated as a National Monument in 1996, this huge region contains some of the most spectacular, historic, and remote scenery in the entire United States. In fact, so inaccessible is this area, it was the last to be mapped in the lower 48!

It was through this route that the early Mormon Pioneers created their highways to their remote settlements of Tropic, Cannonville, Kanab, Paria, and points south–Cutting through the western section of the Grand Staircase on the famed Skutumpah Road and Johnson Canyon.

But before the Mormons, were the indigenous tribes of the Piute, Ute, and ancient Anasazi tribes. And millions of years before them, the giant Dinosaurs roamed the area! (Over 20 new species of dinos have been discovered on the “Staircase”!)

But still today, there is the wonder and beauty that solitude brings: the colorful geologic strata of millions of years of earth’s history. Heck, there’s colors out here they don’t even have names for. And above: the clearest night skies found anywhere in the world, revealing billions upon billions of stars. In fact, Southern Utah is renowned for its pollution-free “Dark Sky” designation. We will have a very special celestial treat for our Pioneers on Monday, August 21!!

But other ‘stars’ have discovered this land: Hollywood came to Southern Utah beginning in its early days of the ‘talkies’, and created the “Westerns”—utilizing our stunning red-rock cliffs and canyons as backdrops–and local people as movie ‘extras’. In fact, over 200 movies, TV series, and commercials have been filmed in our backyard, earning Kanab the nickname of “Little Hollywood”!


As your wagon train rolls down the legendary Skutumpah Road, you will see such memorable sites as the many slot canyons, gorges, and sites of the Grand Staircase. You will be “descending” down several of the Monuments “steps”—each with its unique geologic color and characteristics. No wonder Hollywood Filmmakers were so captivated by this area for such classics as “The Outlaw Josie Wales”, “Maverick”, “Mackenna’s Gold”, and the original “Lone Ranger” and “Gunsmoke” series. Be sure YOU come dressed accordingly!

Breathtaking Bull Valley Gorge

Be prepared for a true Western Wilderness Experience! You will be starting at about 6800 feet elevation (“The Pink Cliffs”), descending to about 5300 feet into Kanab (“The Vermillion Cliffs”). There will be about 10 wagons and dozens of cowboy outriders. There will be plenty of time to stop and enjoy:  there are jaw-dropping sites all around.

Sit around the fire and hear trail stories

Sitting around the fire and hear trail stories and enjoying cowboy entertainment

And each evening, we will “Circle the Wagons” at private ranches along the road within the Grand Staircase. We’ll gather around and enjoy some great grub, tall tales, cowboy poetry, singing, and make great memories. We bring along the grub, big tents, cots, bedding, and supplies.  Stay up as long as you like—you will want to check out the stunning night sky! Of course, we’ll have some ‘modern conveniences’ like water,  porta potties, camp showers, etc.

On the final day of the trek, we load up and ride into Kanab for a Wagon Train Welcoming Parade. Yeah, you’re on a major State Highway, but certainly nothing is more important than a parade in Kanab! Then you’ll become part of WESTERN LEGENDS ROUND-UP, as the Trek settles into their Kanab Encampment right int he middle of town. Of course, you are more than welcome to participate in all the festivities of Kanab’s signature event!

Darby Hinton waves to fans from his covered wagon during the High Noon parade (Photo Credit: Barry Glazier)

Covered wagons during the High Noon parade
(Photo Credit: Barry Glazier)

When we get to Kanab, that doesn’t mean it’s over! Not by a long shot. Included in your ticket price is two nights camping at the Kanab Encampment,  Wagon Master’s Shindig, Wagon rides around Kanab, and the Kanab Movie Fort Wagon Tour. There will be other goodies as well. And on Saturday Western Legends’ famous “High Noon Parade” takes over Main Street, with a herd of local longhorns, more cowboys, and movie stars. You will be “required” to hop on a wagon for that one too.


Many of the wagons, teamsters, and Outriders that will be participating are seasoned trail veterans of numerous treks sponsored by the Utah Western Heritage Foundation:Wagon Train

  • 1997-Mormon Trail re-enactment
  • 1999-Provo SesquicentennialTrek
  • 2001-Spanish Fork, UT to San Bernardino Trek
  • 2011-City of St. George, UT  Sesquicentennial Trek
  • 2004-Promontory Point Nat’l Monument to Bear Lake across southern Idaho
  • 2013- Back Country Horsemen of America’s 40th Anniversary Wagon Trek
  • Previous Western Legends Round-up Treks from Spanish Fork to Kanab

We supply all the tents, camping gear and wagons. Local cowboy caterers will be providing the grub. Our staff is comprised of experienced wagoneers and true cowboys; many are trained EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians). We will be handling all camp set-up, take down, and support vehicles. A list of suggested personal items for each participant to bring (mainly clothing, meds, sunscreen, personal hygiene items, etc.) will be provided at a later date. More details about where and when to arrive will be communicated in the coming weeks. Due to safety and insurance requirements dogs, firearms, and alcohol will not be allowed.

“Pioneers” & “Tenderfoots”: Reserve your space on a classic authentic Wagon now!

TenderfootONE FULL DAY on the Trek (you pick the day), only  $300/person [plus taxes & fees]**

Pioneer” 6 DAY ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME, only  $950/person [plus taxes & fees]**

Experienced wranglers & outriders: bring your own horse, tack, feed, vehicles, trailers, and other support materials and join the Western Legends Round-Up Wagon Train on the open trail.

Wrangler” 6 day Ride with YOUR horse:  $400/rider [plus taxes & fees]**

“TENDERFOOT” Adventure

Guests in their wagon in front of the Gunsmoke movie set - Wagon Train Photo Gallery (30 of 50) - Western Legends Round-Up - 2015 - Kanab - Utah

Guests in their wagon in front of the Gunsmoke movie set


This will be an ONE-DAY ride IN A WAGON on the trail ride. You choose which day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

We will pick you up from your hotel in Kanab early that morning. You will meet up with the Trek, and will ride in the wagons with the “Pioneers” and “Wranglers” for that day. You get to participate in the all the activities of that day, including the stunning views, adventures, the traditional “Circle the Wagons”, dinner and evening entertainment. After which you will be transported back to your comfy hotel in Kanab. (No overnight camping)

See FAQ below for more information.

1 Full Day Wagon Trail Ride Adventure (as space permits):

Only $300**

See details in the itinerary

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“PIONEER” Adventure

A big group of wagons traveling together - Wagon Train Photo Gallery (18 of 50) - Western Legends Round-Up - 2015 - Kanab - Utah

A big group of wagons traveling together


You will have a seat in one of our authentic western wagons for ALL SIX DAYS of the Trek: Four Days on the trail plus two nights in the ‘Kanab Encampment’. We bring the camping equipment, grub, horses wagons. You bring the GRIT.

ON THE TRAIL: (Monday-Thursday) Each morning we awake to a great cowboy breakfast, then ‘Saddle Up–Wagons HO’  at about 9:00 am.  We will travel an average of 15 miles per day, stopping for breaks, lunch, and hundreds of ‘Kodak Moments’. You will see some of the most spectacular scenery on earth along the way. Every day a different adventure!

We will “circle the wagons” and make camp at about 4:00 in the afternoon. An advance team will be setting up your tents, cots, and luggage before you arrive. We have a great Camp Cook that will be preparing a delicious supper, and afterwards you be expected to join in the entertainment: cowboy tales & songs and ??? Then you’ll bunk down a restful night under a beautiful canopy of stars. Meals, water, porta-potties, camp gear, overnight camping and entertainment included.

THE KANAB ENCAMPMENT.  (Thursday-Saturday) The entire trek will be arriving in Kanab Thursday afternoon. Don’t be surprised if you’re welcomed by folks lining the sidewalks, cheering you on. After a warm homecoming, the whole trek will settle in behind Kanab’s “Old Middle School”–located right in the middle of town–for our final Encampment. “PIONEERS”, “WRANGLERS” and Teamsters will “Circle the Wagons” are welcome to camp over for the remainder of Western Legends Round-up.

During Western Legends Round-up, you will join in on all the festivities: Street Vendors, Tours, Entertainment, Concerts–all day Friday & Saturday. You can sample food from our street vendors, or dine out at any of Kanab’s great restaurants–most within walking distance from your campsite in the Encampment. Of course, if your worn out by the end of the trek, you’re welcome to stay in one of Kanab’s many great hotels (You better make reservations NOW–rooms are going fast). We will be Breaking Camp Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

It doesn’t stop there!! “PIONEERS” and “WRANGLERS” will also receive a free Wagon Rides around Kanab, a Wagon Tour to “Kanab Fort” movie set during Western Legends, discount tickets to concerts. And of course, and will be ‘required’ to ride in your wagon in our famous “High-Noon Parade” on Saturday–right behind our famous Longhorns.

See FAQ below for more information.


Only $950**

See details in the itinerary

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“WRANGLER” Adventure

Outriders posing for a photo while waiting their turn to go up the hill - Wagon Train Photo Gallery (10 of 50) - Western Legends Round-Up - 2015 - Kanab - Utah

Outriders posing for a photo while waiting their turn to go up the hill


Experienced backcountry horsemen are invited to bring your horse, feed, tack and equipment to participate in ALL the stuff we talked about above (“PIONEER”)–FROM THE BACK OF YOUR OWN HORSE!! Meals, water truck, entertainment, etc included. We will be running a shuttle at the end of each day to the previous campsite to bring up your trailers & equipment. You must provide Health Certificate for your horses, and feed for your horse. You will be able to overnight in your RV/vehicle.

See FAQ below for more information.


Only $400**

See details in the itinerary

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August 21

Monday, August 21 (Cannonville, Utah)

Trail: Approx 15 miles dirt road


  • 9:00 Orientation by Grand Staircase-Escalante Ranger
  • Saddle up and Start the Wagon Train
  • Willis Creek slot canyon hike
  • Bull Valley Gorge hike
  • Solar Eclipse viewing
  • 4:00 pm ‘Circle the Wagons’ on a Private Ranch
  • Catered Cowboy Dinner
  • Cowboy Entertainment
  • Overnight camping

Book August 21st Now!

August 22

Tuesday, August 22

Trail: Approx 15 miles dirt road


  • Cowboy Breakfast*
  • 9:00 am. Saddle up Start Wagon Train
  • Stunning views of the backside Bryce Canyon
  • Hoodoos & rock formations
  • Lick Wash slot canyon
  • 4:00 pm. Circle the Wagons at a Private Ranch
  • Catered Cowboy Dinner
  • Cowboy Entertainment
  • Overnight camping *

Book August 22nd Now!

August 23

Wednesday, August 23

Trail: 15 miles—half dirt/half paved


  • Cowboy Breakfast*
  • 9:00 am. Saddle up Start Wagon Train
  • Stunning views of the Grand Staircase
  • Lunch at Deer Springs Ranch
  • Movie site Locations
  • Petroglyphs and ‘Cowboy-glyphs’
  • Eagle’s Arch and other rock formations
  • 4:00 pm Circle the Wagons at “Church Ranch”
  • Catered Cowboy Dinner
  • Cowboy Entertainment
  • Overnight camping *

Book August 23rd Now!

August 24

Thursday, August 24

Trail: Approx. 15 miles—paved, small section of dirt, escorted on highway


  • Cowboy Breakfast*
  • 9:00 am. Start Wagon Train at “Church Ranch”
  • Johnson Canyon Ranches
  • Stunning views of Vermillion Cliffs
  • Welcoming parade into Kanab

Book August 24th Now!

*Not included in “TENDERFOOT”

**Space is LIMITED.  Taxes, federal fees, and gratuity extra. Guests are encouraged to make hotel arrangements early. Support Vehicles/shuttles on the trail will be supplied by Western Legends.

Western Legends Legendary 6-day Wagon Train Trek

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a lot of questions? Well, we have a lot of answers! Click on a question below to reveal its answer.

Cowboy Terminology
Those horsemen bringing their own horses/mules
The professional driver of the Wagon
The leader of the Wagon Team
Those paying customers riding in the Wagons as…
One-day excursion riders
Six day event riders who experience 4 days on the trail plus a 2-day encampment in Kanab.

What is the difference between the TENDERFOOT, PIONEER, and OUTRIDER packages?

A “TENDERFOOT” gets a one-day ride in the wagon train. You will be shuttled to the campsite early in the morning from Kanab, enjoy all the activities of the Trek, and shuttled back to Kanab in the evening.

A “PIONEER” gets the whole 6-Day experience, which includes:

  • 4 days wagon train trail ride + 2 days campsite at the Kanab Encampment
  • 6 nights camping (in tents or ‘under the stars’)
  • Thursday Night–the “Wagon Master Shindig” dinner & entertainment
  • Saturday–a spot in a wagon in the famous Western Legends “High Noon Parade”
  • Friday/Saturday–a wagon train ride to the Fort Kanab movie set
  • Friday/Saturday—free rides on In-town wagon train rides
  • and best of all, THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!

An “OUTRIDER” gets all of the above benefits—on your own horse! PLUS:

  • Parking for your RV’s, trailers & rigs
  • Shuttle services to retrieve your vehicles on the trek
  • Note: Each rider must provide feed for their animals

How do I register for the Trek?

Whether you plan on traveling with the Trek as an OUTRIDER, TENDERFOOT, or PIONEER, you must purchase a ticket on the Western Legends website. If you are a TENDERFOOT, be sure to indicate the exact date you wish to participate. You will receive a receipt and a travel packet once we have processed your reservation.

Hurry! The deadline for the Trek Reservation is August 10! And the seats are fillin’ up fast!

What does the Registration include?
  • Professional, experienced Wagon Train staff
  • A ride in an authentic pioneer period Wagon
  • Meals: Cowboy Breakfast*, sack lunch, catered Chuckwagon Dinners
  • Sanitation facilities (porta-potties)
  • Liability insurance
  • Communication with Kanab HQ for emergencies
  • Transportation from Kanab to your start point
  • Full time medical/EMT traveling on the Trek
  • Gear truck for incidentals
  • Programs and entertainment
  • Transportation to retrieve RVs & trailers and bring them forward to next stage
  • Water, ice, sack lunch
  • Camping gear (tents, cots, sleeping bags)*
  • Shower facilities MAY be available, but no guarantee! We are working on options for our guests to bathe on one of the Trek days.
  • Lots of memories
  • Dust & heat
  • Tons of “Photo Ops”

*Not included in TENDERFOOT package

How about hotel accommodations?


See www.VisitSouthernUtah.com/Hotels-Motels for area motels and https://www.visitsouthernutah.com/Campgrounds for area campsites

How do I get to this magical place called "Kanab"?

Kanab is a small community of about 5,000,  located in Southern Utah–right in the middle of all the great Utah Parks. We are about 90 miles east of St George, right on the Arizona border. See the map below.

The nearest airport is Las Vegas (LAS). Yea, you can fly into Las Vegas from anywhere! We would recommend you NOT gamble all your fortune on the slots, but instead, rent a car. It is about a four-hour drive (very scenic) on Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to Kanab. You can either take the very scenic route through Zion National Park (WOW!!). Or through the ‘Arizona Strip’ (SR 389)–also very picturesque, and a LOT less traffic.

What day will we leave for the Trek and from where?

“Wagons Ho” on the morning of Monday, August 21, 2017.

The exact departure point and address will be included in your travel packet you will receive after you register.

WAGONS, OUTRIDERS & TEAMSTERS: You and your horses and equipment should arrive at the departure point the day before. Bring your trailers, and use them as sleeping quarters along the trek and at the Encampment. The Wagon Master will be coordinating with you.

PIONEERS: We will transport you to the start of the wagon train from Kanab via bus or van, Early Monday Morning (Aug 21).

TENDERFOOTS: We will transport you from Kanab to that day’s Start Point campsite via bus or van early in the morning. BREAKFAST IS NOT INCLUDED. We will pick you up from the end of the day’s trail ride–after Supper and Entertainment–and bring you back to your hotel in Kanab. OVERNIGHT CAMPING IS NOT INCLUDED.


See www.VisitSouthernUtah.com/Hotels-Motels for area motels and https://www.visitsouthernutah.com/Campgrounds for area campsites

How Strenuous is the Trek?

You are welcome to ride in the wagons the entire Trek. We will stop often for breaks, lunch, scenic Kodak moments, etc. We travel at a leisurely pace. You are welcome to walk behind the wagons. The Trek will be in the middle of summer (HOT), so plan accordingly. Bring lots of sunscreen, hats, long-sleeve shirt. But nights in the high forests will be cool—bring warm clothes as well.

What will the trail be like?

Our intrepid scouts have found the most scenic, prettiest country in the West!! We will be traveling through National Monuments, National Forests, and private panches. We begin on the Paunsaugant Plateau: Hi alpine meadows, ponderosa pines, lakes, streams, and up-close views of Utah’s iconic hoodoos. The elevation starts at over 8000 feet. We eventually drop to 5000 feet in Kanab. You should arrive in Kanab early to acclimate to the altitude and dry heat. We will be traveling on well-graded county-maintained gravel/dirt roads and asphalt. You will get dirty—just like in the movies.

What are the Wagons like?

We only permit authentic or period replica Wagon on the Trek—like you see in the movies. They have a sailcloth cover, steel/wooden wheels, and bench seating. If you’ve watched Western Movies, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re signing up for. Each wagon will have ice chests/coolers, lots of bottled water, and pads for the bench seats.

We will have a core of wagons that will travel the entire trek. Each wagon will be pulled by a team of horses or mules driven by 1 or 2 ‘teamsters’. There will be space in the wagons for up to 6 Dudes (passengers). Outriders (horse riders) will be traveling ahead of the wagons, and some behind. Everything will be as authentic as you would see in the movies.

What will the Campsites be like?

A camp crew will travel ahead of the Trek and set up the tents and camping equipment, including transporting any customers luggage. We are arranging for small family-style tents, cots and sleeping bags, Porta-Potties, *maybe* showers, etc. But this is NOT “Glamping”!! We be COWBOYS!

The Wagon Train will be arriving at the campsite about 4 PM and will arrange the wagons in the traditional “Circle the Wagons” formation, with motorized vehicles parking away from the main encampment–for great photo shoots.

Our Camp Cookie will prepare a great cowboy supper for the group (we need a good headcount for the food). There will be evening entertainment: singing, cowboy poetry, star gazing, and “tall tales”.

After that night’s entertainment, the “TENDERFOOTS” will be transported back to their hotels in Kanab, and the rest of the crew will turn in.

When will the Wagon Train Arrive in Kanab?

The Trek will arrive Thursday afternoon, Aug 24. Be sure to wave at the excited passers-by as we roll into Kanab for a small “Homecoming Welcome Parade”.

The Trek will ride through town, end up behind “the Old Middle School” in the center of town, and set up their final encampment. All horses, OUTRIDERS, and PIONEERS participants will stay and camp, and enjoy the Western Legends Round-up Festival from this central location. We will break camp for the last time on Sunday Morning.

Thursday: There will be a “Wagon Master Shindig” dinner and entertainment, where you all can share your stories.

Friday & Saturday: The Wagons will be giving rides around historic Kanab during the Western Legends Round-up festival. And there will be ride excursions to “Fort Kanab Movie Set”.

Saturday: the wagon train & PIONEERS will hitch up once again for the famous “High Noon Parade” down Main Street Kanab—right behind the Longhorn steers!

Are there age limits and disability restrictions?

Families are encouraged to join the Trek. This is a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories. A legal guardian must accompany persons under 18. There is no upper age limit. Be aware of your physical limitations. Sorry, there will be no accommodations for wheelchairs. Parents are 100% responsible for the actions their children. There will be no specific accommodations for children’s entertainment.


Every effort will be made to keep the experience authentic!!

If you are tough enough, “Cowboy-Up”.

Gear: What do I need to bring?

PACK LIGHT! Pack as if you are going on a camping trip. There will be limited space on the Wagons. A “Gear Truck” will be available to shuttle ‘luggage’: bags, backpacks, duffel bags, etc from site to site. Overnighters should bring a small sports bag with a change of clothes, underwear, nightwear, flashlights. You should also bring a “Necessity Bag” with medications, grooming items, toilet paper, LOTS OF SUNBLOCK, lip moisturizer, snacks, binoculars, cameras. THERE WILL BE NO CELL PHONE SERVICE on the trail, but lots of photo-ops.  There will be no power outlets on the wagons (please don’t try to plug your phone into the south end of our horses!) Spare battery packs are recommended. You may want to bring an extra cushion for the ride. Wear comfortable shoes!! Good, cushioned socks also make walking more comfortable. Break in new shoes before you come on the trail. Remember to wear a good hat or bonnet to protect from the sun. A handkerchief will come in real handy.

Do I have to wear authentic-looking pioneer clothes?

Yup. You should. It adds to the experience. And everything a cowboy wore in the movies served a purpose! (‘cept the movie make-up).

How about Gratuities?

Like a fine woman, horses and wagons are high maintenance. If your teamster gave you a great experience, tips are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. “Horse Tipping” is also customary.

What is prohibited?

Do you have means to move up personal trucks, trailers & RV’s at the end of the day?

Yes, transportation will be coordinated, so participants can shuttle their own vehicles forward at the end of the day, without missing out on the fun. There may be certain campsites to which vehicles will not be able to be brought forward either due to the size of the campsite, remote location, or per our permit with the BLM or private landowners. We will let you know. Every effort will be made to keep vehicles away from the scenic nature of the “Circle the Wagons” campsite. Folks with RVs and trailers are expected to utilize their own sleeping accommodations. We won’t have enough tents.

How about the Horses?

Horses need to have:

  • Health certificate
  • Coggins Tests
  • Brand Inspections

HORSEMEN/WRANGLERS/OUTRIDERS: There will be places along the Trek where you can water your horses–there will be streams and ponds along the trail. We will bring a large water truck. You will be responsible to transport your own feed. CERTIFIED WEED SEED FREE FEED, hay cubes, and oats are acceptable. (Gosh, say that three times!) This type of feed is required for our permits on public lands. It would be wise to start your animals on this food two weeks prior to departure.

Teamsters and outriders are responsible for the containment of their own livestock.

There will be a veterinarian within proximity to the wagon train.

What is a typical day like on the trail?

We will travel between 15-17 miles per day.

Time Activity
7:00 am Breakfast
7:30 am Meet-up. Check-in for those joining on the Trek (TENDERFOOTS). Announcements, trail information, questions, and weather forecast, etc
8:00 am “Saddle-up.” Departure.
10:00 am First Break
12:00 noon Lunch Break
2:00 pm Afternoon Break
4:00 pm Arrive in Camp
3-4 pm Shuttle back to previous camp for support vehicles
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Evening program/Entertainment/Visiting
8:30 pm TENDERFOOTS: shuttle back to Kanab
9:00pm “Bunk Down”. Lights out

Cowboy up, partner, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!